Kevin Yeung, Australian Chinese.

Chairman & CEO of Bridge Capital , independent director of boutique hotels owned by Starwood Capital / Director of Hong Kong and Macao Information Co., Ltd. / Supervisor of Shanghai minimally invasive Software Co., Ltd. / Chairman of Weixing Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Kevin Yeung has rich investment and actual combat experience in real estate investment, equity funds, project mergers and acquisitions, and asset management. He has also dabbled in real estate, Internet + finance, big health, TMT industry and many other fields. He has maintained long-term close cooperative relations with many first-class entrepreneurs, authoritative institutions and private consortia at home and abroad. A wide range of networks have been accumulated in China's business circle. Looking back on the industry experience of more than ten years, from the ups and downs of the real estate market to the rise of the capital market, to the deepening of many industries and the grafting of resources, Kevin Yeung has always believed that many investors can create value for their customers through industrial research, capital innovation, talent optimization, resource complementarity and capital aggregation, and through investment and mergers and acquisitions to deeply excavate and build a leading position in the industry. Only value investment is the basic principle of return investment.

Kevin Yeung earned his MBA from Royal University of Canada.