[Group Dynamics] Tianjin Municipal Government Investment Conference ended successfully, celebrating the establishment of "Tianmei Investment Management Company" and the establishment of "Tianmei Kailuan Science and Technology Park"

On May 7, 2016, the "Peace Zone 2016 Merchants Conference", co-sponsored by Tianjin Heping District Government, Tianjin Municipal Business Commission, Cooperation and Exchange Office, and Investment Promotion Office, was solemnly held at the Peace Zone Convention Center. Leaders of the Tianjin municipal government, national business leaders, elites from all walks of life gathered to talk about the new business order.

Meiqiao Investment Group was attended by the Government as a special guest from the business community. Beijing Kant New Composites Co., Ltd., Shanghai minimally invasive Software Co., Ltd., Xiexin Integrated Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Free Trade Zone Australia Pavilion and other Meqiao strategic partners were also invited to participate in the conference.

Meqiao Group Chairman, Kant New Composite Company Deputy General Manager, Shanghai minimally invasive Software Company Global Vice President, Tianjin Heping District Investment Office, Tianfang Group on-site signing letter of intent.

At the scene of the conference, Tianjin Tianfang Group and Meiqiao Investment Group signed a contract to set up "Tianmei Investment Management Co., Ltd." and launched the "Tianmei Kailuan Science and Technology Park" project. Taking Tianjin Kailuan Science and Technology Park project as the core, this paper plans seven parts, such as business office headquarters, financial enterprises, scientific and technological innovation industry and so on. A total of 29 key projects were signed at the conference site, with a total investment agreement of about 13 billion yuan.

Tianjin, as a key city to undertake Beijing and Hebei, its development will lead to the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as a whole. Tianmei's investment will bring more surprises in the future. In addition to introducing the top 500 global and emerging science and technology industries, Meiqiao Investment Group will use many years of investment management experience at home and abroad to jointly build the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Entrepreneurship Club" through cooperation with Tianfang Group, integrate the outstanding entrepreneurs, business leaders, economists, diplomats and other resources in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and even the whole country, integrate contemporary entrepreneurial culture and undertake to promote the sustainable development of regional economy and society. To build multilateral win-win platforms for entrepreneurs to communicate, communicate, make friends and cooperate.

National first-class Historical Protection Building-Tianjin Kailuan Mining Bureau Building