[Group Dynamic] Bridge Capital Investment Group marries Korean cultural industry giant to create IP feast between China and South Korea

With the development of mobile Internet, the stickiness and interaction between star content makers and fans have been pushed to an uninterrupted and borderless state. In the pan-entertainment era, the same star IP will be built by many parties, and the development of various fields of the cultural industry will no longer be isolated.

The combination of culture and capital is giving birth to this new business model.

From the market data statistics, it can be seen that the contribution value of China's cultural industry accounted for about 6 per cent of GDP in 2015, compared with the proportion of more than 15 per cent in developed countries such as the United States, there is still a lot of room for the development of China's cultural industry. From film to performance, from network culture to art training, every market segment in the cultural industry contains a lot of business opportunities. And how to get the top of the opportunity requires investors to have a sharper sense of smell and a clear mind.

Recently, Meiqiao Investment Group and TGCK Korean Culture Fund, N.E.W (next entertainment world), South Korean government to promote the common development of the Chinese and Korean cultural industry, to create a Chinese and South Korean star IP feast.

The Korean film and television works invested by TGCK Culture Fund are "friend", "old boy", "family honor 2", "insider", "assassination" and so on. Among them, the film "insider" ROI is as high as 170%, which once became an industry myth.

Korea N.E.W is one of the investment and distribution giants in the Korean film industry, covering film, music, acting and so on.

This year's hot "descendant of the Sun" is N.E.W 's favorite work. The show's biggest production was once the most in Asia: the total investment for 16 episodes was about 85 million yuan (including 13 billion won, or 68.69 million yuan). According to South Korea's Asia economy, Sun ended up exporting to China at $230000 an episode, $30, 000 more per episode than the lovable she, which created the highest export price last year.

The marriage has won a high degree of support from the China-South Korean Cultural Industry Association and the South Korean government. As a Chinese partner, Meiqiao Investment Group is a professional financial service group. The group takes equity investment and asset management as its two main businesses, covering Internet + 's financial, real estate, TMT industry, big health and other fields of investment and financing fund management, as well as professional and international asset management. In the private equity sector, Meiqiao Investment Group has successfully helped a number of companies transform and list. In the field of cultural investment, Meiqiao has always had many outstanding projects and foundation cooperation experience at home and abroad, and the Group is also the director of the Suzgo Art Fund. With the cooperation with TGCK Korean Culture Fund, N.E.W (next entertainment world) and Korean government, Meiqiao will bring Korean high-quality cultural film and television IP resources into China through its professional fund operation and management team.

At a time when the traditional industry is facing transformation, new products, new business type, the new model should grasp the two core points of "integration" and "innovation". In the future, the combination of "capital + culture" will realize the integration of existing resources to achieve a more systematic construction of the cultural industry ecosystem, maintain the continuous innovation power of the cultural industry, and force the original traditional mode reform to finally realize the upgrading of the cultural industry through the cooperation mode of Meiqiao + TGCK and so on.

As a very small number of comprehensive investment service groups in the industry to provide the integration of the whole industrial chain and the most cooperative value, Meiqiao will drive the global high-quality capital and promote the rapid development of various industries and industries. In the future, the Korean current IP, will be seen on the TV screen with more Chinese ancestry.

There is no reason why we should not look forward to this.