[Group Dynamic] Bridge Capital Investment Group Internet + next city, Yhouse completes C round of financing of 800m

After teaming up with the TGCK Korean Culture Fund, N.E.W (next entertainment world) and the Korean government to create a Chinese and Korean star IP feast through the form of industrial funds, the industrial map of Meiqiao Investment Group has continued to expand recently, and the next city in the field of domestic venture capital:

Meiqiao Investment Group participated in the investment of "China's high-end leisure and entertainment Internet service platform" YHOUSE recently completed the C round of financing (YHOUSE pre-investment valuation of 300m, C round completed financing of 800m).

Founded in March 2013, YHOUSE is an Internet platform dedicated to booking and sharing high-quality leisure and entertainment life services for wealthy middle-class and urban elite white-collar workers with higher standards of life and quality of life.

Investment in YHOUSE is an important part of Meiqiao "Internet +" strategic field. YHOUSE can cut into the unique vertical Internet market, that is, the middle class under the background of tens of millions of consumption upgrading, and form a large number of users of common interest in the process of consumption. Meiqiao believes that "this innovative model and high net worth of people are of great value."

As a very small number of comprehensive investment service groups in the industry to provide the integration of the whole industrial chain and the most cooperative value, Meiqiao adheres to the enterprise concept of "grafting beautiful capital bridges and achieving brilliant industries", in order to pool effective resources at home and abroad, go deep into many industries, to achieve high-quality capital docking and create maximum value for customers. Through the professional capital management operation of Jinqiao Equity Investment Fund Management Company, a private equity platform owned by the Group, the "Internet +" links to finance, real estate, TMT industry, big health and other hot areas are realized. In addition, the docking of high-quality resources at home and abroad will provide investors with high-quality investment targets and help LP improve its selection and risk control capabilities.

In the future, Meiqiao will use the advantages of capital operation at home and abroad for many years to help YHOUSE continue to open up the "new middle class" service market at home and abroad.

Some of the classic cases completed by Meiqiao Investment Group (private equity investment):
Zhonggu Shipping: Zhonggu Shipping, which is owned by Meiqiao Investment Group, is one of the important leading enterprises in domestic coastal logistics and transportation. it is a comprehensive group with coastal container shipping as the main body and other supporting industries as the extension, and is committed to building a strong large enterprise integrating shipping, logistics, trade and finance. Of the latest global liner companies, Zhonggu ranks 34th in the world in terms of shipping capacity, and Zhonggu shares in Meiqiao were successfully listed in 2016.

Minimally invasive software: Meiqiao Investment Group, together with Tang Jun, a famous professional manager, has jointly invested and controlled minimally invasive software, which is therefore jointly owned by Microsoft Microsoft, a well-known international company. Minimally invasive Software is committed to providing professional technical and service solutions for many industry-leading companies in the areas of high technology, telecommunications, medicine, trade, manufacturing, retail and distribution. This enterprise twice shortlisted IAOP global outsourcing top 100 enterprises.

Sachi Huachen: in July 2015, Meiqiao Investment Group completed its last round of equity investment in Sachhuachen. Meiqiao Investment Group will assist Sachi to list on the main board of Hong Kong on December 15, 2015, with annual profits expected to reach more than 1 billion yuan over five years. Sachi, a new generation of high-end equipment R & D and manufacturing base in China, is the first one-stop professional comprehensive solution supplier to provide advanced tire manufacturing, process application technology, high-end mechanical equipment design and manufacturing, tire equipment overhaul, upgrading, equipment maintenance and staff training for tire enterprises. The company has obtained a number of national patents and software works, and has been awarded "Jiangsu High-tech Enterprises".

Hong Kong and Macao Information: Meiqiao has become its second largest shareholder and plans to complete the company's listing and fund withdrawal within two years. Meiqiao will provide technical support for M & A funds with professional capital operation and asset management ability, cooperate with the good credit capital qualifications such as good reputation endorsement of listed companies, and provide convenient channels for M & A funds to raise funds and withdraw at a later stage.