[Group Dynamic] Bridge Capital has landed heavily in overseas layout

Background information: China's overseas real estate investment reached a new high this year, reaching a cumulative total of US $23.5 billion by the end of August, which is close to the total transaction volume of 25.7 billion for the whole of last year. The preferred markets for investors are still mature markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and France.

Meiqiao Investment Group (Bridge Capital) hit the ground with a heavy overseas layout
Meqiao Investment Group (Bridge Capital) teamed up with I-Prosperity Fuyuan Group to successfully acquire 333 Kent Street, the capital of New South Wales, the capital of New South Wales, in the heart of Sydney. The project is partly a historical building, which will be redeveloped on the basis of protecting the facade of the historical building, and the comprehensive project of a five-star hotel with a total area of 16698 square meters and 125 high-class apartments and 117suites will be developed.

Yang Bangben, chairman of Meiqiao Investment Group, said that Meiqiao is a comprehensive investment service group with two major businesses: equity investment and asset management. Meqiao has been developing with China's economy for 13 years, and is determined to build the most cooperative comprehensive equity investment service enterprises and realize the vision of "bridge beautiful capital and build brilliant industries." This return to Australia, Meiqiao will increase overseas investment. The acquisition of the 333 Kent Street project in downtown Sydney reflects the investment strategy of Meiqiao to further strengthen the global layout, as well as the diversification and flexibility of Meiqiao's overseas investment.

333. Kent Street project overview

Looking at the world's leading metropolis, Australians compare: Melbourne is as gentlemanly and elegant as London, while Sydney is as energetic and unrestrained as New York.

The 333 Kent Stree project is aimed at the unique Sydney Sea View-Darling Port (Lover Bay). The surrounding subway traffic is convenient, the business circle is mature. The project is adjacent to the latest Barangaru Development Zone built by the Sydney municipal government and brings together a large number of world-class financial companies and 2 billion Australian dollars (2 billion Australian dollars) of CROWN casinos. As the overseas agent of this investment, Gao Li International highly values 333 Kent Street: the existing business facilities environment, the upcoming opening of the international conference center and the excellent performance of Australia in the entire Asia-Pacific hotel industry in the world hotel industry, as well as the strong and sound trade base and healthy development supply system in Australia, these are the unique advantages of the 333 Kent Street project.

The Investment opinion of Meiqiao Investment Group (Bridge Capital) in overseas Market

In the objective environment of weak global economic recovery and rising risk factors, the main reasons for Meiqiao's investment sword are as follows: (1) the devaluation of RMB is irreversible, outperforming inflation is the basic demand of the largest number of investors; and (2) Sydney's recent house prices have little space against the international metropolis (London, New York, etc.), which is also higher than the average internal rate of return of first-tier cities in China. The relatively low land cost makes Australia a value depression in the global real estate market. 3 Australia has a sound national mechanism, a clear division of labor in the industrial chain, a high level of professional quality, and relatively few uncertain factors. Meiqiao believes that behind the noble price is always the embodiment of noble value, and it is imperative for Chinese enterprises to invest overseas.

Excellent asset allocation ability and unique investment strategy make Meiqiao become one of the few comprehensive investment service groups in the industry to provide the integration of the whole industrial chain and the most cooperative value. Through the convergence of effective resources, in-depth multi-field and multi-industry, to achieve high-quality capital docking and layout, to provide customers with steady capital appreciation.

Media reports at home and abroad

The investment of Meiqiao has attracted extensive and high attention of the domestic and foreign news media. Famous international news media, well-known portals and so on have given timely reports on the acquisition, such as Australia The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, British BBC NEWS, domestic well-known portals Sohu, Tencent, NetEase and so on.