[Group Dynamics] Bridge Capital is invited to participate in the French-French Cultural Exchange Forum

The second Sino-French Cultural Exchange Forum opened in Lyon, France, on September 26, 2017. The theme of the forum is "Belt and Road Initiative": cultural convergence and sharing. With "New Silk Road of Culture, Cultural blending between China and France", new topics such as museum management, urban planning and attraction, innovation, life arts and university exchanges are discussed. The forum is co-sponsored by the European and American Association of Chinese Scholars Association, the Lyon Municipal Government of France and the French Foundation for Prospect and Innovation.

Forum opening ceremony site

French President Macron sent a congratulatory letter to the opening of the forum, warmly congratulating the forum on the convening of the forum, and placing high hopes on further deepening exchanges and cooperation in the cultural fields between the two countries and enhancing friendship and friendship between the two countries and their peoples.
In his congratulatory letter, he said that under the current international situation, it is more important than ever to develop a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and China to meet global challenges. The first Sino-French Cultural Forum has achieved fruitful results, and he hopes that the second Sino-French Cultural Forum, with the theme "Belt and Road Initiative: cultural convergence and sharing", will also be a complete success.

More than 500 people from all walks of life attended the opening ceremony, including Raffarin, former prime minister of France and chairman of the Vision and Innovation Foundation; Chen Zhu, vice chairman of the standing Committee of the National people's Congress of China and president of the European and American Association; and Zhai Jun, Chinese ambassador to France.

  Speech by former French Prime Minister Raffarin

Speaking at the Forum, former French Prime Minister Raffarin said that the foundation of French-Chinese friendship lies in "culture" and that the two sides are both "competitors" and "partners". He said that the relationship between France and China has long evolved from simple trade to mutual investment, and this step is based on ideological identity.

Speech by Lyon Mayor Kopenechian

Lyon Mayor Keppe Neijiang said Lyon is the capital of European Silk Road, located at the western end of China's Silk Road. Due to the close relationship between history and economy, Lyon has become the meeting point between China and France. With the gradual enrichment of cultural exchanges between the two countries, Lyon will welcome important French and Chinese people from different backgrounds and fields to promote the dialogue between France and China through many years of industry experience.

Speech by Zhao Jin, former Chinese Ambassador to France

Zhao Jin, one of the Chinese representatives and former Chinese ambassador to France, has special feelings for Lyon. Looking back, he talked about Lyon's role in promoting the development of China's nuclear power industry. From 1919 to 1920, more than 2000 people went to France to work and study, reaching an unprecedented point. Among them are Zhou Enlai, Cai Hesen, Li Fuchun, Chen Yi and a large number of well-known talents. Work and study prepare their own outstanding leaders for the liberation of the Chinese nation. In these years, Deng Xiaoping was also involved in this trend and began his career of studying abroad, which determined the fate of his life. the experience of studying abroad made Deng Xiaoping have an open vision and laid the tone of vision for him to become the designer of China's reform and opening up.When imagining the future of cooperation, Zhao Jin hopes that more French culture can be introduced to China, and that more French enterprises can settle in China.

Photo taken by the Chairman of Meiqiao Investment Group and Chen Zhu, Vice Chairman of the standing Committee of the National people's Congress of China

Following the theme of the forum and China's "Belt and Road Initiative" ideological policy, after the meeting, Mr. Yang Bangben, chairman of Meiqiao Investment Group, signed a cooperation with French cultural institutions to introduce French cultural and creative projects and integrate them into the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation industry" (Kechuang + Wenchuang). The first stop of the United States Bridge may introduce the Sino-French cooperation project to the Wuhan Optical Valley Center, which will add a touch of romantic cultural color to the promotion of the China-Wuhan project.