[Group Dynamic] Bridge Capital signs Cooperation Agreement with Yancheng City

On May 18, during the "New Yancheng Investment Environment briefing meeting and 2019 China Yancheng Red-crowned Crane International Wetland Ecotourism Festival", Meiqiao Investment Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Yancheng Municipal Government of Jiangsu Province to form a broad consensus on the development of commercial real estate and industry. Dai Yuan, secretary of the Yancheng Municipal CPC Committee, Cao Lubao, mayor, Chen Honghong, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, and Xue Shengtang, secretary of the Dafeng District CPC Committee, witnessed the signing of the contract and met with Yang Bangben, chairman of the Meiqiao Investment Group, and other responsible comrades of the contracted enterprise.

△Photo of the signing ceremony, Yang Bangben, Chairman of Meiqiao Investment Group (fourth from right)

High quality project attraction has always been an important component to promote the high quality development of Yancheng. The cooperation agreement signed between Meiqiao Investment Group and Yancheng Municipal Government will mainly help Yancheng Dafeng District to locate the sub-center of Yancheng City and further enhance the urban primacy, concentration and urban radiation. According to the requirements of modern city and urban economic development, we should optimize the urban economic format, speed up the attraction and operation of five-star hotels, high-end restaurants, first-line brands and other commercial projects, speed up the construction of urban complexes, promote the "chain" development of tourism elements, prosper the modern commercial industry, create high-level, characteristic leisure resorts and cultural blocks to meet the consumer needs of urban economic development, and enhance the connotation of urban quality. The successful landing of the project will greatly promote the industrial development of Yancheng City, and provide important support for speeding up the realization of the goal of "two highs" and taking a good development path of "two seas and two green".

△Dai Yuan, Secretary of the Yancheng Municipal CPC Committee

At the briefing, Dai Yuan, secretary of the Yancheng Municipal CPC Committee, extended a warm welcome to all guests and businessmen on behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and said to friends from all walks of life who had been concerned about supporting the development of Yancheng for a long time, Yancheng was an important node of "Belt and Road Initiative" construction, an important member of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, and the "sea portal" of the Huaihe River ecological economic belt. In recent years, we have firmly established and implemented the new concept of development, actively integrated into the national strategy, seized major development opportunities, firmly promoted the new path of "two seas and two green", significantly improved regional traffic conditions, continuously demonstrated the characteristics of ecological wetlands, continued to upgrade the level of open cooperation, and a modern, internationalized, and green coastal central city in Jiangsu Province is accelerating its rise.

At present, Yancheng ushered in an important strategic opportunity for a new round of opening to the outside world, and entered the fast lane of the construction of "Belt and Road Initiative" intersection and the development of regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta. We look forward to working with all parties to innovate the mode of cooperation, strengthen in-depth industrial cooperation, clarify the focus of cooperation, carry out extensive exchanges and exchanges, enhance the consensus on cooperation, build a pattern of mutual trust and cooperation, provide a solid guarantee for practical cooperation in various fields, and jointly write a better chapter in win-win cooperation.

△Yang Bangben, chairman of Meiqiao Investment Group, attended the signing ceremony.