[Group Dynamic] Bridge Capital was invited to visit the original microelectronics of unicorn core in semiconductor field.

Recently, Mr. Yang Bangben, Chairman of Meiqiao Investment Group, and Mr. Zeng Zijing, General Manager of Meiqiao Investment Group overseas Division, were invited to visit Dr. Dai Weimin, President of (VeriSilicon), Microelectronics Co., Ltd., located in Zhangjiang High-tech Park.

△Dr. Dai Weimin, President of Xin Yuan, and Mr. Yang Bangben, Chairman of Meiqiao Investment Group

In 2019, the national power grid put forward the grand strategy of building the "ubiquitous Internet of things" in an all-round way, which gave a strong market endorsement for the investment of integrated circuit chips related to the power Internet of things, and provided a fertile industrial soil for the research and development and application of Internet of things related chips. Xinyuan Microelectronics is a chip design platform as a service company, which can provide world-class system-level chip (SoC) and system-level package (SiP) one-stop solution. At the same time, Xinyuan is also a leading IP supplier, with the industry's most comprehensive IP portfolio. Core is a unicorn in the field of semiconductors in China, covering mobile interconnection equipment, data center, Internet of things (IoT), automobile, industry and medical equipment and other fields. Based on the high consensus on the business prospects of the "ubiquitous Internet of things" and the development and empowerment of the combination of the core advantages of the two sides, Meiqiao Investment Group and Xinyuan Microelectronics have reached a strategic partner to lay the foundation for the relevant cooperation and development in the future.

Xin was the first domestic chip design as a service platform, founded in August 2001, its founder Dr. Dai Weimin was a tenured professor of computer engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 1998, China held a seminar on semiconductor development strategy and invited Dr. Dai Weimin to attend as an international expert. That is, this meeting, let Dr. Dai Weimin realize that the domestic IC industry will rise tide, but also let him have the idea of returning home to start a business.

△Dr. Dai Weimin, President of Xin Yuan

"platform as a service" is a concept that Dr Tai Weimin has spared no effort to promote. In his view, the emergence of design service platform is the inevitable result of the development of the industry.

△Dr. Dai Weimin, president of Xinyuan, took Mr. Yang Bangben, chairman of Meiqiao Investment Group, and Mr. Zeng Zijing, general manager of overseas business department, to experience face recognition technology.

AI is undoubtedly the hottest theme in recent years, and the core is one of the best practitioners of AI applications. Xinyuan announced on January 8 this year that Botong (Broadcom) has selected the Vivante VIP8000/VIPNano series AI processor IP for its next generation set-top box system-level chip. With full scalability from very low power consumption and sub-TOPS computing power to more than 100 TOPS high computing power, Vivante VIP8000/VIPNano IP has been used in intelligence
The next generation of smart devices capable of home, surveillance cameras, automotive ADAS applications and edge servers. In addition, Xinyuan also appeared on the list of special support projects for artificial intelligence innovation and development in Shanghai in 2018.

RISC-V is regarded as an opportunity for CPU to realize independent control and can not be missed. In order to gather and integrate the domestic RISC-V innovation force, promote the construction of RISC-V industry ecology, speed up the market promotion and industrialization application of RISC-V, China RISC-V industrial alliance has been established, and the lead unit is Xinyuan.

       △The growth rate of Xinyuan microelectronics ranks sixth in the world

"in the era of the Internet of things, terminal software is becoming more and more complex, and the requirements for product launch time are more stringent. The support of professional and technical teams has become more and more important for chip companies to develop basic software solutions. In addition, the high maturity of Xinyuan, easy to develop, software components complete and rich and so on is also an important reason for manufacturers to choose Xinyuan and establish strategic cooperation with it. "

Xinyuan chose the market area suitable for the long-term development of the company. Dr. Dai Weimin said that the core originally mainly aimed at automotive electronics, monitoring, Internet of things, communications, intelligent computing, AR/VR and other fields, and has accumulated a certain core IP, to build a more complete platform, that is, Silicon Platform as a Service, SiPaaS ®, to serve more customers. For example, in the field of automotive electronics, the core graphics processor GPU IP is widely used in the automotive digital instrument panel (No. 1 in the world), the on-board information entertainment system (IVI) ((the second in the world) and the back seat entertainment system (the third in the world). Seven of the top 10 automotive OEM manufacturers in the world have used Xinyuan graphics IP in their on-board information and entertainment systems, and six luxury car brands in the top 10 have used Xinyuan graphics IP in reconfigurable instrument panels, occupying an absolute leading position in the market.

Dai Weimin, president of Xin Yuan, said: "unlike mobile phones, the car market is not easy to enter, and it is even more difficult to come out." Dr Dai Weimin describes the car market like this. Based on the higher requirements for safety in the automobile market, when the core originally established a more complete platform in this market, it is difficult for other companies to compete with it.

△Attach importance to system and Ecology and realize Breakthrough in hardware Field

The special environment of China's semiconductor industry is also reflected in the recent years, the global semiconductor industry M & A situation has intensified, and multi-party data show that the gross profit margin of the hardware industry has been declining year by year.
In Dr Dai Weimin's view, the reason for the decline in gross profit margins is that, on the one hand, many companies have too many production lines, their advantages are not concentrated enough, and they are dragged down by non-core businesses; on the other hand, although the intelligent hardware industry has become popular in the past two years, there are not many companies investing, the reason is that the hardware industry has a long profit cycle.

△Dr. Dai Weimin, President of Xin Yuan, attended the Songshan Lake IC Innovation Summit Forum in China.

Dr. Dai Weimin said that for chip suppliers, the first priority is to connect with system manufacturers to ensure that the chips designed and manufactured have a terminal application market. Therefore, seven years ago, Xinyuan joined hands with the Integrated Circuit Design Branch of the China Semiconductor Industry Association, Dongguan Municipal people's Government and other units to jointly promote the "Songshan Lake China IC Innovation Summit Forum." "We investigate the system manufacturers first. What chip is the most needed? 'which chip is made in China means the most to you?' System manufacturers often answer that it does not have to have the most cores, the largest, the most complex, sometimes very small chips, such as fingerprint identification, Bluetooth headphones and so on. When we collect the needs of the system manufacturer, we will find out who has such a chip.

At the 7th Songshan Lake China IC Innovation Summit Forum this year, Professor Wei Shaojun, chairman of the IC Design Branch of the China Semiconductor Industry Association, director of the Institute of Microelectronics of Tsinghua University and head of the National Science and Technology 01 Major Project, pointed out that the Songshan Lake China IC Innovation Summit Forum has been praised as the "most approachable forum" by the industry, and the number of IC manufacturers introduced by Songshan Lake Merchants has also grown to 49. In the past six years, Songshan Lake Forum has recommended a total of 40 products to the market, of which 36 are mass produced, with a total yield of up to 90%.

The Strategic Investment Core of the Big Fund ushered in the Golden five years

Not long ago, Xinyuan received 200 million yuan of strategic investment from the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, and the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund positioned the core as "IP Power House." In Dr. Dai Weimin's view, this is a great affirmation of Xinyuan's company and business model. He believes that "the next five years will not only be the golden five years of domestic semiconductor companies, but also the five years of Xinyuan gold."

"Gold for five years means that it is best to go public within these five years if you want to go public." In recent years, the state has increased its investment in the semiconductor industry. In the next five years, the core should grasp the development opportunities, closely connect with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, win the greatest development, and finally achieve the goal of listing, which is the primary goal that the core needs to achieve in the next five years.
Dr Dai Weimin also said that the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund's preference for Xinyuan was partly due to its contribution to the entire semiconductor industry ecosystem. The other part is to help the whole industrial chain to establish a healthier and more sound development platform to make up for the shortcomings of the industrial chain. With the support of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, the core will continue to focus on deep ploughing IP and design services to jointly promote the development of China's integrated circuit industry.

According to Dr. Dai Weimin, Xinyuan Microelectronics intends to be listed in Science and Technology Innovation Board, and the tutoring institutions are China Merchants Securities and Haitong Securities.