Bridge Capital attended the 2019 Summit on Innovation Cooperation between Chinese and Foreign entrepreneurs

Energy is the fire of human evolution, and human history is the history of energy application innovation. Taking the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative as the background, exploring the forefront of the development of human energy industry, in order to introduce high-end resources at home and abroad, give full play to Baoding's regional advantages in the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and promote the high quality development of Baoding's economy and society, the 2019 Summit on Innovation and Cooperation between Chinese and Foreign entrepreneurs (Baoding China Electric Valley) was held from July 4 to 5.

The summit, with the theme of "coordinated development and driving innovation", was carried out in the form of "1 / 5 N", which mainly included opening ceremony, negotiation and exhibition, business conference, field study, special negotiation and docking, and so on. Focusing on the new direction of Baoding industrial layout, the new mode of international cooperation, Belt and Road Initiative closed meeting (advanced manufacturing new materials), new energy and smart grid cooperation, rural revitalization and energy conservation and environmental protection fruit industry and other topics, we have made every effort to promote Baoding to become a regional central city in world-class urban agglomeration.

△Summit site
The summit is hosted by the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce, Baoding City people's Government and the Federation of Chinese and Foreign entrepreneurs. Baoding National High-tech Zone, Baoding City Bureau of Commerce, China-EU entrepreneurs Summit Organizing Committee and Baoding Zhongguancun Information Valley Company jointly host the summit. Long Yongtu, co-chairman of the Federation of Chinese and Foreign entrepreneurs, Jin Xu, president of the China Institute of International Trade, David Morris, chairman of the United Nations Asia-Pacific Business Forum in 2019, and more than 200 representatives of well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises gathered in Baoding to exchange ideas and promote cooperation.

Leaders attending the summit were long Yongtu, former vice minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and co-chairman of the Federation of Chinese and Foreign entrepreneurs; Nie Ruiping, deputy chairman of the standing Committee of the Hebei Provincial people's Congress and secretary of the Baoding Municipal CPC Committee; Guo Jianying, mayor of Baoding; Sun Qijun, member of the standing Committee and vice mayor of the Baoding municipal party committee; Qian Jiang, director of the Hebei Provincial Commercial Investment Promotion Office; and Wang Baohui, secretary general of the Baoding Municipal people's Government Li Bausen, director of the Baoding National High-tech Zone Management Committee, as well as the relevant departments of the Baoding Municipal Committee and the municipal government, the governments of various counties (cities and districts), and the management committees of the development zones. Mr. Yang Bangben, Chairman of Meiqiao Investment Group, and Mr. Dai Sailiang, General Manager of Investment Department of Meiqiao Investment Group, were invited to attend the exchange meeting and discuss with the guests how to promote Baoding's development.

△Speech by Guo Jianying, Mayor of Baoding City
Mayor Guo Jianying first delivered a speech. He said: the Summit on Innovation and Cooperation between Chinese and Foreign entrepreneurs is an international summit that strives for the exchange of business between China and foreign countries and promotes win-win cooperation, and is an important platform for Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs to expand contacts, build mutual trust, and reach cooperation. Baoding, as a member of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, attracts the eyes of the world with its unique development advantages and innovative internal force. The convening of the summit will further deepen the understanding of Baoding strategic planning, development environment and investment potential between Chinese and foreign political and business circles, and accelerate the process of internationalization of Baoding.

△Long Yongtu, former vice minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and co-chairman of the Federation of Chinese and Foreign entrepreneurs, delivered a speech.

Long Yongtu said: the current world economic situation is grim and complex, and the most effective response is openness and innovation. In recent years, Baoding City has deeply implemented the strategy of innovation-driven development, taking the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as an opportunity to speed up the transformation of economic development mode, perfect the service system of science and technology, cultivate new characteristic industries, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and lay a solid foundation for maintaining the rapid development momentum of scientific and technological innovation. It is hoped that through this summit, we can exchange and exchange ideas and brainstorming, further enhance confidence in opening up, and unswervingly follow the road of innovation-driven development.

In-depth exchanges have been carried out on three aspects: promoting Baoding to unite development consensus, building a platform to promote the formation of cooperation intentions, and special services to promote cooperation on the ground. Meiqiao Investment Group, Haiheng, Jirui and other enterprise representatives attended the promotion meeting.

△The summit promotion meeting was held at the scene of the summit promotion meeting
Under the leadership of Nie Ruiping, long Yongtu, Kangyi, Guo Jianying, Jin Xu and Sun Qijun, 13 projects with a total investment of 8.44 billion yuan were signed, covering Beijing Insurance Cooperative Exchange, Smart Grid Construction, Industrial Fund Cooperation, Beautiful Rural Construction, Biomedical Manufacturing, copyright Trading Operations, and so on.

△Summit signing site
After the summit, some of the guests visited the Zhongguancun Innovation Center in Baoding to learn more about the development concept of "light assets, heavy operation, and service" and the effectiveness of the fourth anniversary of the operation. The innovation center continuously tamps the platform science and technology service ability to carry on the high standard innovation work to give the high appraisal.