[Group dynamic] Bridge Capital and Doowin leads the business upgrade, Qiahui Life Square Huan Xin starts to promote the city brand

On the morning of September 20, Qiahui Life Square, located at 2255 Luoshan Road, ushered in the arrival ceremony in the eyes of the people. The new Qiaohui Life Square is a new urban business card built for Shanghai, which is a prosperous city because of business, and is also a representative work of unique significance in the commercial territory of Bridge Capital and Dehui, and it is also a landmark new breakthrough in the commercial field.

Kevin Yeung, Chairman & CEO of Bridge Capital , Mr. Qian Jinnai, Chairman of Doowin Group, Danny Zhao, Vice President of Bridge Capital , Ms. Qian binbin, Director of Dehui Group, Ms. Li Miao, Director of Bridge Capital, Mr. Lin Chong Sheng, Co-President of Dehui Group, as well as representatives from all walks of life and many brands attended the ceremony.

Leading the Pudong feast and offering Pudong culture

At the opening ceremony, Kevin Yeung, Chairman & CEO of Bridge Capital , said, "Qiaohui has a very good name. Bridge-the bridge to create a better life, is the city living room that brings together resources, talent and capital." The combination of the two is bridge convergence, in all directions, the formation of resource sharing, complementary advantages.

Qiaohui Life Square is the first multi-functional clubhouse in Tangchen Huting Garden, which integrates art, life, education, catering, entertainment and entertainment. It will not only improve the commercial quality of the surrounding area, optimize the structure of the tertiary industry, but also create a new quality of life for the surrounding residents. "

▲ Kevin Yeung, Chairman & CEO of Bridge Capital

▲ The guests cut the ribbon for Qiaohui Life Square together
At the scene of the ceremony, the heavyweight guests raised their glasses together to celebrate. The scene set off the most wonderful part, and several guests cheered loudly. Subsequently, distinguished guests jointly launched ribbon cutting for the opening of Qiahui Life Square to witness this historic moment.

▲ Kevin Yeung, Chairman & CEO of Bridge Capital, and Mr. Qian Jinnai, Chairman of Doowin Group

The upgrading of Commercial Edition leads to the New trend of Commercial Real Estate

Bridge Capital has always been committed to promoting urban development, enabling the city, and injecting sustainable development genes and strong internal drive into the overall quality growth. With insight into the modern commercial consumption pattern, the reconstruction of Qiaohui Life Square plays a vital role in the development of Bridge Capital business strategy. It is based on the foothold of urban service providers, the transformation of the project is close to the market law, upgrade the consumption experience, try to break through across fields and spaces with innovative thinking, re-stimulate people's pursuit and creativity of life, inject new energy into the development of the city, and inject new impetus into the value innovation of the industry with the original intention of compound business form and emphasis on interaction.

The transformation and upgrading of Qiaohui Life Square not only meets the new demand of the new era, but also accelerates the prosperity of Huamu-Longyang city sub-center business circle, makes it a brand with strong flavor of the times and distinctive characteristics, creates a more convenient shopping and consumption environment, and fully stimulates market vitality and social creativity.