Zhida Sima, Partner of Bridge Capital.

Prior to Bridge Capital, Mr. Sima Zhida has more than 10 years of investment experience and is familiar with the capital market in mainland China. He has led the capital operation of many overseas projects, participated in the cross-border merger and acquisition of Nissan AESC, led the acquisition of PotashCorp in 2010, Meanwhile, it has invested in Peiping Oil Sands Co., LTD., Alberta Oil Sands Co., LTD., and Canadian Uranium Resources Holding Co., LTD. He once jointly established Hongqiao Internet Venture Capital Fund in Shanghai with Shanghai Municipal Government, Hongtai Mutual Finance, Internet Finance Thousand People Association and Antarctic Circle as the main sponsors. Mr. Sima Zhida is currently a member of the Council of Beijing Overseas Association, Vice President of Hong Kong Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce, and a member of Inner Mongolia Overseas Association.

Mr. Sima holds a bachelor's degree from Communication University of China.