Modern Service industry / Private Equity Investment

Company Valuation
220 million RMB



Uxsino is a famous data security and database product operation service provider in China (hereinafter referred to as “Uxsino”), made a stunning appearance at the Soft Expo, providing the results of its many years’ hard work in the data security and database, including the new version of UXsino Database (UXDB), the system of six core data protection products, the overall solutions of the industry and UXsino Grade Protection 2.0 solution.

Bridge Capital takes a stake in Uxsino Software to help it focus on data security and databases, providing customers with stable, secure, industry-leading products and solutions around data assets. With the dedicated research and development of Uxsino Software over the years, dozens of national invention patents and more than 60 software works have been created, the company and products have obtained more than 80 qualifications and honors, and have established a marketing service system throughout the country in 28 provinces and cities to provide customers with a full range of services.