Project GFA

Tianjin Kailuan Mining Bureau-founded in 1921, designed by Edison and Dallas, American engineers in the Department of Business and Engineering. The building is a three-story building with mixed structure (with basement) with an area of 9180.23 square meters. It adopts strictly symmetrical classical three-stage composition, the facade is equipped with 14 Ionik columns with one or two stories, and the eaves and bottom lines are also in classical form. The architectural shape is solemn and stable, concise and generous, with Greek classical rejuvenation style.
Bridge Capital introduced Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., the United minimally invasive Innovation Center is a dynamic and healthy ecosystem, the center can enjoy preferential policies, including office space, project support funds and so on. At the same time, Microsoft will also provide a series of targeted professional training as well as enterprise incubation, financing, marketing and other guidance for enterprises in the development start-up stage every year, which will bring market opportunities and broad development space for start-ups.